A New Era In Diagnosis:
Weight-Bearing, Full Range-Of-Motion MRI (ROM)

The Upright Multi-Position™ MRI marks a new era in patient comfort, too. For MRI's of the head and spine, the patient simply walks in, sits down, and watches TV during the scan. So anxious patients relax and even claustrophobic patients comply with ease.

Upright MRI Positions

Upright MRI positions

In the above photo montage from top left to right then bottom left to right these are some of the positions available with an Upright MRI.

  • 1. Upright cervical spine - extension
  • 2. Upright cervical spine - flexion
  • 3. Upright lumbar spine - flexion
  • 4. Recumbent imaging for spines, hips, pelvis, abdomen, knee, ankle, etc.
  • 5. Inclined shoulder
  • 6. Recumbent shoulder
  • 7. Inclined knee

Upright Imaging is an important new tool in the investigation into problems of the spine and similar ailments. This is critical new information for both Patients and their Providers.

Today, radiologists and surgeons are seeing revealing images they’ve never seen before, diagnosing spinal and other problems that have often been invisible on recumbent-only MRI’s, and improving surgical outcomes to a degree never before possible – all thanks to the first MRI that lets you put the body in motion, so scans can be done the way people live and experience problems, instead of just lying flat.

This new era in diagnosis is possible because of the unique power of the Upright Multi-Position™ MRI. It’s the first MRI that has the power to provide full range-of-motion diagnosis – with the nerves, discs, and other soft tissue in clear view. It achieves truly physiologic MRI, instead of recumbent-only, static MRI.

No wonder the Upright MRI is the best choice for accurate diagnosis and patient comfort.

We provide patient transportation for patient conditions, if needed and within reason.

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